Specialist Malt Whisky Tastings


Pitched exactly right without any of the snobbery normally involved.

Jim Ferguson

Very enjoyable evening, David(s) both knowledgeable and passionate about whisky!

Paul Jayes

Thought the whole experience was exceptional, good variety of malts. First class welcome and presentation by David and David.

Gordon Mather

Had an absolutely fantastic time, and really enjoyed the whisky, and your knowledge and input. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone.

Alastair Owen

I thoroughly enjoyed the tasting evening. Not knowing much about whisky beforehand, I certainly learnt a lot about the different types and will definitely be trying a few again in the near future. I could happily do another tasting all over again - it was very enjoyable!

Dmitri Lucas

The presentation was brilliant and the quality of the event was outstanding.

Andrew Earnshaw
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