Specialist Malt Whisky Tastings

Cask Strength Tasting - Troon

South Beach Hotel - Troon

Cask Strength Tasting - Troon

Friday 25th January 2019 @ 7:30pm

Cask strength whisky is the way nature intended whisky to be tasted. This is a tasting event for the purists among you.

We have carefully selected a range of cask strength whiskies for you to savour. They will best illustrate the great combination of strength and flavour that you can get from cask strength whisky.

With the popularity of cask strengths growing year on year, this is an ever expanding section of the whisky market.

Due to a great number of cask strength whiskies being single casks, independent bottlings and limited number releases; this is perhaps where there is the greatest variety in flavour.

During the tasting we will explore the whiskies, their flavour profile and discover what makes cask strength whiskies so exciting.

This tasting is the perfect gift for any whisky lover in your life.

Tickets are limited so make sure to book early.

Sorry, this event is no longer available.